Climate change induced shift in cyanobacterial mat species (psychro-tolerant - thermo-tolerant) in Antarctica and in cyanobacterial blooms in New Zealand



Professor Dr. Daniel Reto Dietrich 
Universität Konstanz
Fachbereich Biologie
Arbeitsgruppe Ökotoxikologie



During a sabbatical in New Zealand the climate change induced effects on cyanobacterial species diversity and toxin production will be assessed. Of main interest is the question whether climate change induced warming of even temperate ecosystems leads to an increasing invasion and/or selection of thermophile and toxin producing cyanobacterial species and thus to a long-term change in the cyanobacterial and ecosystem species diversity. The latter issues will be addressed via: An expedition with the Spanish organization of the IPY 2008/2009 to assess the cyanobacterial species diversity in cyanobacterial mats of Byers Peninsula (Antarctica), the species specific toxin production and their respective effects in the mat communities specifically on protozoan and metazoan species. In addition, the Prof. Dietrich will support other research scientists on Byers Peninsula as a certified diver for collection of sediment samples in lake Limnopolar. An exploratory assessment of cyanobacterial bloom generated aerosols via a personal sampler. Sampled aerosols from various locations on the North and South Island of New Zealand will be analysed with regard to particle size distribution and cyanobacterial species and toxins present.



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