Linking Paleo-Observations with Climate Models in order to understand Holocene environmental variability of coastal East Antartica (HoloAnt)


Dr. Sonja Berg 
Universität zu Köln
Department für Geowissenschaften
Institut für Geologie und Mineralogie


The aim of this interdisciplinary research project is an enhanced understanding of the driving factors of Holocene climate variability along the East Antarctic coast, a key question in the face of future Antarctic climate change. By combining two innovative approaches, the proposed study will clearly go beyond previous research work. Firstly, the project focuses on a renewed compilation of existing paleoclimate reconstructions from East Antarctica with improved chronologies of sedimentary records by new compound-specific radiocarbon studies. Secondly, high-resolution climate simulations and paleoenvironmental reconstructions from the wider Prydz Bay region will be tightly coupled to distinguish between local, regional and large-scale climate patterns. In-Depth evaluation of available data sets and numerical simulation results will lead to a rigorous test and further improvement of the models and proxies used for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. This interdisciplinary project will thereby deliver new, important insights to the present stage of the East Antarctic late Quaternary environmental history. It will substantially contribute to an enhanced understanding of the interactions between historical variability in climate and paleoenvironmental reconstructions along the East Antarctic coast.

DFG-Verfahren: Infrastruktur-Schwerpunktprogramme

Förderung von 2011 bis 2014