Ice dynamics and mass balance in the northern part of subglacial Lake Vostok/Antarctica


Professor Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Dietrich 
Technische Universität Dresden 
Institut für Planetare Geodäsie 
Professur für Geodätische Erdsystemforschung


There exist no in-situ observations on ice surface motion in the northern part of the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica. Observed velocities, however, are important quantities to understand ice dynamics and ice/water interactions of the complex system "Lake Vostok". Within the project this data gap will be closed in close cooperation with Russian partners. Furthermore, colocated surface height and ice thickness observations and the velocities will be used for mass balance computations and bottom melting/refreezing calculations at the ice/water boundary to better understand and model the system "Lake Vostok".


DFG-Verfahren: Infrastruktur-Schwerpunktprogramme

Förderung von 2007 bis 2010