Bestimmung der Akkumulationsrate durch Satelliten anhand der Kombination von hochaufgelösten Dichteprofilen und Mikrowellenbildern im Niedrig-Frequenzbereich


Dr. Maria Hörhold 
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung


Mapping the mass changes of the polar ice sheets is crucial for computing future sea level development and requires knowledge of snow density variations at the ice sheet’s surface. Recent correlation studies of density variations within the firn imply a connection between the accumulation rate, the physical structure of the firn and the brightness temperature by satellite sensors. Within the proposed project the statistical analysis of recently available high resolution density profiles from several regions of Antarctica will lead to the determination of length scales at which microwave emission is sensitive to density variations. Correlating the layering statistics at different length scales to accumulation rates may offer the possibility not only to link accumulation rates to physical firn properties, but to determine accumulation rates from microwave images. An examination of firn cores obtained from field expeditions during the project duration will allow the systematic study of characteristic layering features of snow classes, which have been previously defined by microwave image analysis.

DFG-Verfahren: Infrastruktur-Schwerpunktprogramme

Förderung von 2012 bis 2016