28th International Polar Conference in Potsdam

The 28th International Polar Conference took place at Science Park "Albert Einstein", Potsdam from 1st to 6th May 2022 and brought together national and international experts from universities, major research institutes, polar teachers and interested lay people on the subject “POLAR REGIONS, CLIMATE CHANGE and SOCIETY”.

82 oral presentations were given and 52 posters were discussed. The results are available for the public in the abstract-booklet of the “Reports on Polar and Marine Research” (Volume 762). At the conference all fields of polar research were addressed, i.e. the cryosphere with glaciology, sea ice and permafrost, polar geology and geophysics, Arctic climate and atmosphere processes, polar oceanography and biological systems of marine and terrestrial polar regions. The working group of the Polar Teachers (AK Polarlehrer) of the German Society for Polar Research (DGP) dealt with polar topics in school lessons. The report colloquium of the DFG Priority Program 1158 "Antarctic Research with Comparative Investigations in Arctic Ice Areas" was also conducted in the context of this polar conference, and the four interdisciplinary topics “Response to environmental change”, “Linkages with lower latitudes”, “Dynamics of climate system components” and “Improved understanding of polar processes and mechanisms” were held as symposia with international and national keynote speakers. Within the report colloquium we had 4 keynote presentations and 22 presentations of projects currently funded in the SPP1158. Furthermore, 10 Posters were presented within the framework of the SPP Antarctic Research. Thus, the great significance of the 28th International Polar Conference in Potsdam for the international scientific exchange and especially for the SPP 1158 was documented.

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