Call for Proposals: Neumayer Station III for 2023/24 and Kohnen Station for 2024/25, Antarctica

It is now possible to submit project applications for research activities at Neumayer Station III for the summer season 2023/24 and Kohnen Station for the summer season 2024/25 in Antarctica. Please use the template for the application, which must be completed in English. The projects are assessed for their scientific quality and feasibility.

PIs with running multi-year or long-term projects also need to submit a condensed application if access is planned for the summer season 2023/24 at Neumayer Station III or for the summer season 24/25 at Kohnen Station. Some multi-year and long-term projects will be subject to scientific evaluation again this year. The PIs of those projects will be contacted and informed separately. For PIs that submitted an application already last year for the mentioned time periods, no action is required unless there are major changes in the proposal or you were contacted earlier due to rejection.

Submission deadline for project applications by email to antland-coordination(at) is 30 September 2022.

More information can be found on the AWI website.

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