Erste Informationen zum 2. Polarstern Workshop (7.-8. März 2024) in Bremen

2nd Polarstern expedition planning workshop "Continued national development of Polarstern operations until 2027 and well beyond"

The workshop will take place from 7-8 March 2024 at “Haus der Wissenschaft” in Bremen and will be jointly organised by NK SCAR/IASC, AWI and the DFG SPP Antarctic Research (see flyer).
On one hand, the workshop will provide information about upcoming expeditions and mission planning for Polarstern I and II. On the other hand, it will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of ideas and the development of collaborations for new Arctic and Antarctic expeditions after 2027. The workshop will also provide new insights into the current status of the AWI's Antarctic and Arctic research strategy/expeditions.

Short presentations on upcoming Polarstern expeditions 2025 - 2027 (secondary user applications possible) and on larger and smaller research projects/expeditions after 2027 are planned as well as longer discussions on associated DIN A3 posters during the icebreaker. For the presentation of existing/planned expeditions and new proposal ideas please use the template for “Mini-Proposals” ( Existing expedition “Mini-Proposals” can be re-used (update if necessary). For the poster discussion please bring a DIN A3 printout of the “Mini-Proposal” slide.
Please register by 15 January with the title of your project idea/planned expedition and the “Mini-Proposal” slide. You are welcome to register for the workshop even if you do not present anything. However, we are limited in participant numbers and cannot guarantee participation for non-presenting colleagues.
Please send your registration to Claudia Klages (Claudia.Klages(at) and Julia Regnery (Julia.Regnery(at)

Rough agenda of the workshop
7 March, start 10 am
Block Intro:

  • Intro and Overview (RT, IS);
  • Notes from the SCAR/IASC Nationalkomitee (MR)
  • Collaborative polar science - Mission planning for sustainable Arctic and Antarctic research (AB)
  • Future role of SPP 1158 in polar research and expedition interests (UK)
  • Update about the future operational use of Polarstern I and II? (NN)

Block Antarctic and Arctic expedition proposals 2025-2027: Short introductions to expedition proposals/ideas

Lunch break

Block Antarctic and Arctic expedition proposals beyond 2027: Short introductions to research ideas/missions/expeditions.
Block Discussion at DIN A3 Overview Posters and Icebreaker

8 March (start 9 am)
Block Continued discussion and Wrapping Up:
Was the information from the last expedition planning workshop accessible to everyone? What can we improve? What other topics would you like to discuss at the workshop? Do we have the right infrastructure in Germany to support polar science and university participation? Do we need modified tools or processes? Can we define large, multidisciplinary expedition projects (combining proposals)? Where do we have thematic gaps? Where do we lack expertise?
à Breakout Group Antarctic/Southern Ocean, à Breakout Group Arctic Ocean
Info block FS Heincke (expeditions to the Far North)

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