Since September 2014 the DFG priority programme "Antarctic Research with Comparative Investigations in Arctic Ice Areas" has been coordinated by the University of Rostock. The new overall coordinator is Professor Ulf Karsten from the Institute for Biological Sciences, Department of Applied Ecology and Phycology. He is supported by the marine biologists Dr. Angelika Graiff and Dr. Julia Ehrlich. In the course of the personnel changes, there is also a change in the web presence of the priority programme. Under the corporate design of the University of Rostock you will now find all relevant information regarding applications, publications, projects and news. We would be delighted to receive your suggestions, ideas and wishes.


First information for 2nd Polarstern Workshop (7.-8. March 2024) in Bremen

Press release: Geological drilling mission in West Antarctica’s interior (SWAIS 2C project )

First information for 29th International Polar Conference (16. – 20. September 2024)

New press release - Research deficits and research needs for the Arctic and Antarctic identified

New publication in nature communications: "Multi-omics for studying and understanding polar life"

Call for propsals: AWI's research aircraft 10/2025 - 09/2026

New publication on how "Iron and Manganese Availability Drive Primary Production and Carbon Export in the Weddel Sea"

New publication on "Big Data" in the journal Polar Research

Master thesis on Antarctic benthic diatoms published in international journal Frontiers

Call for Proposals: AWIPEV base 2024-2025

Call for proposals: DFG SPP 1158 Antarctic Research

Research projects in the SPP: Where have all the petrels gone?

Coordination workshop September 18th to 20th, 2023 in Potsdam

Research projects in the SPP: New article in the journal Biologie in Unserer Zeit - Ecosystem functions in the Southern Ocean

Research projects in the SPP: Impact of ice cover on tiny marine animals

Call for propsals using AWI's research aircraft 10/2024 - 09/2025

Revided forms and documents for applications 2022/2023

SPP Community: Portrait of polar researcher Stefanie Arndt (Deutschlandfunk)

New press release: Rostock marine biologists are investigating the effects of climate change in the Arctic

Call for Proposals: Neumayer Station III for 2023/24 and Kohnen Station for 2024/25, Antarctica

New publication: Return of large fin whale feeding aggregations

Call for Proposals: AWIPEV Base in 2023

Attention! New structure and update of the guide for project proposals