Call for Applications 2023

Here is the DFG's current call (only in German) for proposals for the next funding period as a PDF file, together with the preparation instructions for submitting applications to SPP 1158 "Antarctic Research with Comparative Investigations in Arctic Ice Areas".

Accompanying form

Here you will find the current accompanying form as a word document.

Forms and information sheets on application submission

List of forms and guidelines provided by the DFG

Employer declaration own position 41.027 - standardised DFG form

Information sheet 50.01 Material Allowance Programme as PDF

Information sheet 50.05 Priority Programme as PDF

Project Description 53.01 - Project Proposal as rtf

Curriculum Vitae 53.200 - standardised DFG CV form

Information sheet 54.01 Guide for Submitting the Application – Project Proposals as PDF

Information sheet 55.01 Cooperation Obligation as PDF

Guidelines for Publication Lists as PDF

Further general information on submitting an application as PDF (only in German)

Instructions for Project Proposals Restructured and Updated

Please be aware that the structure of the proposal instructions in DFG form 54.01 was strongly revised in 2022. These instructions have to be used when preparing the proposal, otherwise DFG will NOT accept your proposal. For more information, please refer to the Information for Research.