Application Period 2019-2024

The polar regions play a key role in global climate processes, and interdisciplinary considerations such as those in this interdisciplinary priority programme make a special contribution to understanding these. The Priority Programme ensures that German scientists can participate in international polar research and that young scientists in Germany can be continuously trained in questions relating to polar research and climate change. Above all, however, it enables researchers at German universities to gain access to the Antarctic and to use the necessary infrastructures in the Antarctic.

In the current programme phase (2019-2024) research work will focus on four overarching research topics:

  • Linkages with lower latitudes
  • Dynamics of climate system components
  • Response to environmental change
  • Improved understanding of polar processes and mechanisms

These overarching research topics should help to clarify the role of Antarctica in the Earth system. Projects with geological questions should focus on the more recent history of Antarctica (not older than 34 million years).

An abridged version of the new proposal of the DFG Priority Programme 1158 "Antarctic Research with Comparative Investigations in Arctic Ice Areas" for the funding period 2019-2024 is available for download as a PDF file.  


Here you will also find the scientific progress report for the funding period 2019-2024.